Sinead Gaynor – Associate Senior Consultant

BA, DBS, MEd Tr & Dev, Dip Exec Coaching, Master NLP

Sinead Gaynor, coach, facilitator and trainer has over twenty years experience in designing and delivering learning and development workshops and programmes. Sinead’s interest in Organisation and Human Development began at the beginning of her career whilst working with Motorola University. During that time Sinead was trained as an Organisation Development consultant and placed in a role where she designed, delivered and evaluated training and development interventions across the EMEA region. Sinead’s career has spanned a number of leadership roles including most recently the Head of Organisation Capability at DAA and the Head of Human Resources Dublin Airport. In 2014 she led the Organisation Capability team at DAA to win the prestigious National Training Award. Sinead’s facilitation style is fun, inclusive, challenging and promotes confidence building. By drawing upon a range of learning methods her interventions her approach appeals to all learning styles and the climate is typically enjoyable, stimulating and engaging. Sinead works with organisations across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


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