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From start to finish, we continually evolve with our clients to help create unique solutions across organisational design, leadership consulting, capability development, and change management. We create game-changing leadership development experiences that transform organisations and the leaders within.

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We designed a customized Leader Capability Programme for the Leadership cadre in Genzyme focusing on the company’s HR policies and processes. The program is focused on creating a consistent approach to people practices across the organisation by developing a suite of interventions to clarify effective people practices and behaviours for team leaders and managers in Genzyme. This Human Resource development intervention includes modules on Performance Management, Talent Management, Performance and Recognition, Work Life Balance, Recruitment and Selection and Employee Engagement. We have trained over 200 leaders in the UK and Ireland in Leader Capability. We designed and developed a comprehensive in-depth facilitator guide to match the program for use by facilitators to run the program which consisted of planned timetables, structured exercises, methodology, objectives and background notes for each section.

We designed a customized ‘New to Management’ programme for new managers in BNY Mellon. This intervention consisted of designed modules on Role of the Manager, Creating Trust and Rapport, Managing Difficult Conversations, Establishing Priorities, Coaching, Communication and Feedback. We also designed and developed a comprehensive in-depth facilitator guide to match the virtual program for use by facilitators to run the program which consisted of planned timetables, structured exercises, methodology, objectives and background notes for each section. 

Carole Hogan Associates designed and developed an in-depth competency development guide for all staff in the organisation. The Competency Development Planning Guide was designed to provide Fexco employees with guidance on how to develop behaviours and skills within the Fexco competency framework, through a variety of methods based on the 70/20/10 Model which includes on the job learning (70%), learning through others (coaching and mentoring, 20%) and formal training (10%). The guide helped support individuals by giving them ideas on how to develop in the job, broaden their competency abilities in work through interaction with others and using training and development options. 

Carole Hogan Associates worked with IBM to design and develop a Project Management Programme for Team Leaders in the organisation. The programme was built around project leadership and used a blend of realistic project exercises, lectures and discussion to help participants develop the necessary skills to effectively manage any size of project from beginning to end. It was aimed at project team leaders who were responsible for managing and leading project teams and looking to strengthen their communication and people management skills in a project context. 

Carole designed and delivered Performance Management training and coaching to assist managers and supervisors in Avarto to effectively manage underperformance in the organisation. She also designed and ran a programme to manage under performance and this was rolled out to all managers and supervisors across the site.

Carole Hogan Associates delivered a management development centre consisting of a series of structured exercises and developmental activities. We facilitated the preparation and planning of individual training and development plans. Carole delivered a certified Graduate Diploma in Management through the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM). Carole also designed and implemented a mentoring programme for managers as part of a formal management development programme. We carried out a 360-degree feedback process for managers in B&L (Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire). 

Carole Hogan Associates delivers a Talent Management Development programme for high potential managers in DAA. This consists of running development centres which provide personal and confidential feedback to each manager on the core competencies of the manager and provided a basis from which to plan specific development initiatives to identify how the current management team match the competencies necessary to ensure business success. Participants undertake a series of exercises and developmental activities designed to highlight developmental potential and opportunities. They are given detailed feedback on their scores and outcomes of the observed exercises which aids in formulating their personal development plan. This is followed up by a Management Development Programme including modules on People Management, Leadership Skills, Team Building, and Strategic Management.

Carole Hogan worked with the HR Director in HIQA to design a tailor made Performance Management and Development Process to fit the culture of the organisation. Carole Hogan Associates trained all levels of the organisation in the Performance Management and Development Process with particular emphasis on building the process into the culture of the organisation.

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